Tuesday, July 15, 2014

First Official letter from the MTC!

Ola Minha Familia!

This is you, right mom? haha I should know by now what your email is. But, thank you for the Dear Elder! Also, if you guys want to send me more letters that'd be cool, both my companions have gotten like ten letters by now haha. Food for thought. I'm sorry you guys had a crappy couple of days after I left! Dad is such a trooper haha. I feel bad I didn't know he was in pain! I hope you are all feeling better and that the construction is going well. I'm giving you all a virtual hug!
So my first week in the MTC has been just plain old nutty. Like holy cannoli, this is a hard thing! Portuguese is haaard haha. But, just know that I am so so happy. My brain works really hard every day because I have SO much to learn, but every night as my head hits the pillow I cannot help but be grateful to be here, grateful to be a missionary! My companions are Sis. Knutti and Sis. Larson, and they rock.  It's interesting to be in a trio haha. We get along great! We've taught three lessons in Portuguese so far, and our fourth is tomorrow.  In the MTC you have fake investigators to teach, and yeah I know it's fake, but the things we've learned from teaching are very much real. Heavenly Father has a plan.  He gives me weaknesses for a reason, and I know that if I trust him and follow the Spirit, I will be the missionary He needs me to be.  I know this Gospel is true, and because of our Savior Jesus Christ we can repent and improve every day. I sure am grateful for this!
A few funny things from the MTC. So the MTC is hard, but also like, so fun. There are four other missionaries in my district, all elders, and we have lots of fun.  Last Thursday when we were meeting our branch presidency for the first time, I lost it at the worst time imaginable hahaha. So President Jackson was talking to us about the importance of whose name we bear over our hearts, our sacred calling as missionaries, and other important things like unto that. As he was talking to us, one of  the counselors in the presidency was walking behind me to go to the hall and just farted waaaay loud. I LOST IT. Like I literally don't think anything funnier has ever happened. I was trying so hard to hold my self together but I failed. The giggles were simply out of control haha. Also we locked ourselves out of our room the other night and had to walk across campus in our pjs to get a spare key. It was uncomfortable to say the least. But yeah, the MTC is fun.
A few things I've learned about Portugal: 
-It's President Fluckiger (flew key grrr) 
-Nobody rides bikes or drives cars. Purely a walking mission. 
-it is not uncommon to walk up to 20 MILES A DAY. OMG 
-Apparently President Fluckiger is very strict. So hooray for exact obedience!
Well I love you! Talk to you next week! 
Sister Wood