Sunday, December 27, 2015

Fake Cafe Rio best day of my life


Heyo :)

This week was great. It went by super fast. As always. Dang it. 

So on Tuesday a Sister we live with, Sister Barratt, turned twenty. So at district meeting we actually had a huge party with tons of food. And guess what we ate? FAKE CAFE RIO. #yes. It was actually super close to real Cafe Rio. The pork, the dressing, the salsa, the beans and rice, the works. I´ve never actually eaten so much in my life and I almost went into a food comA that afternoon, but it was worth it. Blessings blessings blessings. 

The work this week was good too! We´ve been finding a lot of new people to teach and the Lord has blessed us sooo much. We are teaching this one little family, a mom and her two kids. The little son João (John in english) is actually the cutest thing in the world. We were reading scriptures and he ran to his room to grab his Bible so he could read with us haha. It was the cutest. Then after that we were scheduling a return appointment, so he went and grabbled his school schedule so he could tell which days he was free. So cute. I love little kids. 

We had a ward family night this week and it was so fun! It was a chestnut roast. November is the month of chestnut roasting. Tradition. They´re kind of nast but I still ate like twenty. They taste kind of like a cross between potatoes and pine nuts. We also played games and had a spiritual message and ate soup. Fun Fact: it is ALWAYS soup season in Portugal. #blessed

Yesterday at church the theme for the sacrament meeting talks was covenants. It just kind of hit me, yet again, the importance of our covenants! They are promises with the Lord that, if we are obedient, bring soooo  many blessings. I´m grateful that Heavenly Father is so patient and willing to help us progress on path by making covenants with us. I know that as we keep our covenants that we will be happier and receive all the promised blessings! This gospel is just too good. 

Love you guys! Have a great week! 

Sister Wood 

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