Sunday, December 27, 2015


HEY fam.
This week was good! Full of Thanks. Thanksgiving, that is. We celebrated all week. I actually think I ate the equivalent of a Thanksgiving meal.. five days in a row. Not joking. I just threw caution to the wind and decided to CELEBRATE. And it was great.
We had a turkey dinner with a family in our ward and it was great! Sure beats last yearś dinner of beans and rice. The mom in the family is Polish and the dad is Portuguese. But they met in England and had to only speak English to each other, so they still just talk to each other in English. But she talks to the kids in Polish, and he talks to them in Portuguese. And they alsoInline image 2 understand all the English. I WAS AMAZED. It was a great Thanksgiving though. I absolutely LOVE the members here. Gaia 2 or die.
We are working hard and the Lord helps in every aspect! I know that God answers prayers and guides us by His Spirit. I love the simples truths of the gospel. This church is true people.
Sister Wood
Pics: last weekś p-day run down to the beach... trying to work off those thighs.. but then I just eat a pan of brownies. Oh well. You all still love me. 

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